Is it really be possible to reverse diabetes in just two weeks?

sarahSarah Johnson was one of the countless diabetes sufferers who had been told she would have to live with the condition for the rest of her life.

It’s a sad truth for many, with an estimated 29 million people in the US alone diagnosed with diabetes.

“I knew the seriousness of the disease from day one, having been told I was much more at risk of stroke or a heart attack. For the first time ever I began to worry about the future and the fact I might not be around for my grandchildren.”

However, after researching ways to improve the condition with the help of the internet and diabetic support forums, Sarah discovered a new scientific protocol by Dr. Pearson which promises to reverse diabetes in just a few weeks.

The research centers around the discovery that just by eating certain foods, the liver is able to produce large amounts of ‘insulin-like growth factor’ or IGF which has been shown to be 100x more effective than insulin.

IGF is not something you can take as a pill or injection, the best part is that you just have to encourage your liver to make IGF naturally, its really simple with the right foods! …. In just two weeks my doctor confirmed my diabetes was as good as cured, I had completely normal glucose levels.

Sarah explains that while at first sceptical, she felt she had nothing to lose, and believes that the billions of dollars the pharmaceutical industry earns from the sale of diabetes drugs means many people are not given the support they need to let their body heal themselves.

Now one of Dr. Pearson’s biggest advocates, Sarah insists she will be spreading the word about this natural cure which has so far helped over 22,000 people.

“Diabetes no longer occupies my day, no more pricking my finger to check my blood sugar and no more worrying about my future. I urge anyone to check out the system for themselves and change their life like me.”

To learn more about how this new breakthrough in diabetes treatment and the foods which should be eaten watch the video presentation by Dr.Pearson below –


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Is it really possible to restore 20/20 vision in only 7 days?

johnJohn Parker had worn glasses for most of his life, getting his prescription when he was just 7 years old.

He recalls he first knew he had vision problems when he couldn’t make out the writing on the teachers blackboard and would often squint to try and make out the letters and numbers.

“Back then even contact lenses were not the norm, I wore glasses all through high school and put up with the teasing that went with it. Despite keeping my glasses on and eventually progressing to contacts in my teens, my vision steadily got worse and worse”.

However, after getting sick and tired of the daily hassle with contact lenses and his declining eye sight, Jason decided to try a new breakthrough system which promises to restore true 20/20 vision in just 7-10 days – with no side effects or expensive treatments.

The system, which is 100% natural and can be followed by anyone with just 5-10 minutes a day to spare, centers around retraining the muscles in the eye which often have imbalances and are unable to focus as they should.

I found that within days I was needing my contacts and glasses less and less, and by the end of the week I was astonished to find that I could see the detail in things at the end of my yard – I could never have done that without using my glasses before.

This simple new method, which many are calling “the first major advancement in eye-care in over a century” works to restore weaknesses in the eye which can diminish your vision over time. The fact that results can be seen in as little as 7 days has meant its popularity has soared in recent months, with the promise of clear and sharp natural vision.

Dr.Kemp who is behind the system has released a video which explains more about how it works and what you can expect –


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